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Help > Using the RSA key for the first time

When accessing a resource for the first time with an RSA key, you are required to create a PIN code. Below is a step-by-step description.

Prerequisite: You will need to already have a RSA physical key or a configured RSA app (with token) on your smartphone.


You will see the following logon screen:

Logon screen 

Fill in the following:

  • If at home or another trusted computer, select "Keep me signed in"
  • User name: You should have received this as part of your login data and will be something like hocg\c-jdemo or johnd
  • Password: You should have received this as part of your login data.  

Click on "Sign in". The following screen appears:


Fill in the following:

  • Passcode: The 6 digits of the RSA token from the smartphone app or physical key

Click on "Submit. The following screen appears:


Enter a 4 to 8 digit PIN code.
Please type a PIN code that you will be able to remember. We will not know what PIN code you have entered.

 Click on "Submit. The following screen appears:

New passcode

Wait for the 6 digits on the RSA key to change and enter the following data:

  • SecurID Password: From now on, the passcode is your PIN code + the 6 digits.

Click on "Submit. You should now have accessed the correct HMC website.